Romulan Institute Computer Interface





About Us & Credits

Na Aodæt (The code) This Institute was assembled to be an active outlet for the Romulan language. Our charter is to expand upon the work of Diane Duane in bringing Rihan to par with other languages of this nature and to build upon the art, culture, and history of this great people.

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Ætheaa Nodaire'enh (Guiding Assembly)

  • Orrhanen - DGalan
  • hru'Haud - Gwiu i'ShiKahr t'Aieme
  • Fvillha Lakhlinæry - Diane Duane
  • Irrah - StarswordC

Ilmnæedhir (Contributions)

Dha Flaihhsam

  • Gessatra t'Charvon (Protogoth) 2019.12.21
  • Velerius 2018