Æfvadh ru na Catoena Rihan. Krenn mnean thuuw'dhohh na doæge u'Klhuedh hrao krehii dynt crycæer Rihanha thei sa'feallan'len!
[Welcome to the Romulan Institute. Here we will grow the language and culture into something wonderful to fill every Romulan with pride!]

2016/01/19: Effective immediately, the person known as "Gessatra t'Prell" (AKA Protogoth) has been removed from the institute, and their small contributions are being purged from the database.

2015/05/14: Currently looking to get into contact with Frank George Valoczy and Autumn Lansing. If you know them or are them please contact orrhanen#rihannsu.org (Where # should be changed to @ [trying to avoid spam bots]).