Common Words

Pronouns are listed in normal mode unless otherwise noted.

Greetings and Farewells
Jolan'tru Hello/Goodbye - semiformal; the most popular greeting
Y'hhau Hello/Goodbye - informal; used among friends and family
Æfvadh Be welcome - formal greeting
Shaoi ben Formal greeting, superior to inferior
Shaoi dan Formal greeting, nonmodal
Shaoi kon Formal greeting, inferior to superior
Bedah Goodbye - formal
Bed aoi Goodbye forever

Thank you
Khnai'ra Semiformal; nonmodal
Khnai'ru rhissiuy Superior to inferior
Khlinæ arhem Inferior to superior

Yes and No
Ie Yes
Daie Yes - inferior to superior
Au'e An emphatic Yes
Dhat No

Other Words and Phrases
Vikra temflaiihe'rhe? Where is the restroom?
Narihu-difv hwi? What is your name?
Narihu ... arhem. My name is ...
Dochai-difv Ænglish hwi? Do you speak English?
Arhem ssuajukhe. I don't understand.
Ta'krenn! Look! Look at that!

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