About Us

The Imperial Romulan Language Institute was formed in 2010 to promote the Romulan language on the internet. Information about the Romulan language used on this site comes mainly from the Catoena ih'Swaet Doaege Rihanai website. This website has been unmaintained since 2006 and attempts to contact its creators have failed. Credits are due to those who put together that site, which was the most comprehensive Romulan language website on the Internet until now. Fears that this site will someday vanish, as did the Vulcan Language Institute in August 2008, have prompted us to preserve what work has been done and also to expand upon it and make it more accessible.

New words have been added to those found in the dictionary of the Catoena ih'Swaet Doaege Rihanai website, and more will be added as the need arises to create them. Many corrections were also made to mistakes found on the CSDR pages. The Romulan language used on this site is not endorsed by any official Star Trek representative and is meant solely for use as entertainment. Much of the original work was taken from the novels of Diane Duane, from various Star Trek episodes, and from the previous use of the language by role-playing groups. We hope that visitors to this site will find it useful.

Some of the Romulan used on this site has also come from the Federation Space online role-playing game and many thanks are due to the Romulan players on that site.

This site will expand over time, so check back often. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

Khnai'ra! (Thank you)
Dhisuia Nai
Æfvriha (Director)
Catoena ih'Shiar vr'Doægevha Rihanh'ri (Imperial Romulan Language Institute)